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The Associazione Studio di Tessitura Paola Besana is a non-profit organization whose first aim is to promote the theory and practice of weaving design which is born out of a familiarity with weaving techniques, as opposed to the kind of design which, devoid of technical expertise, would impose its ideas on practitioners of that technique.

More specifically, the Association promotes weaving as one of the most important techniques that have accompanied mankind since the dawn of its evolution. It endeavours to research on, and spread the knowledge of, weaving techniques and design, as well as the aesthetic values of weaves, by teaching those abilities through a progressive series of steps.


The Association organizes meetings, courses and seminars on weaving and textile design for individuals, designers and fashion designers, businesses and companies, and educational institutions. The Associations makes use of Paola Besana’s textile structures, manufacts and artefacts, as well as her professional library, which is open for consultation, and organizes exhibitions of those objects and of works by Paola Besana and other artists.

The yearly membership fee, giving access to all courses and activities and to the library, is of €35.
The yearly fee to use the library as non-members is €15.