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TEXTILE STRUCTURES / Coded Message / (Messaggio in codice) / 2015

Shown at the exhibition Fiber Art, Museo del Tessuto di Spoleto

80 x 140 cm
Linen and Japanese gold thread
Complementary weft floats


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  The weft floats form a pattern corresponding to a sequence of letters. It is thus possible to convey a personal message which can be read thanks to the code at the foot of the hanging, and at the same enjoyed as a visual motif.
Like so many good things, weaving is born and therefore read from bottom left upwards.

Every block of weft floats corresponds to a letter in the panel below. In this case the message is simply the name of the weave.

Like an ancient scribe, I am ready to transmit any new personalised message for you.

Photographer: Giacomo Artale