courses  23 - Twining (practical workshop)

This is a workshop for weavers, designers and anyone who is interested in textile anthropology

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Duration of workshop: 18 hours
For groups of at least four

Overview: Twining was born before weaving, because it doesn’t need a proper loom to open the shed, but just a basic frame that can keep the threads taut. Two wefts clasp a warp thread, twist around each other, clasp the next thread and so on.

Program: The workshop will begin with a set of slides explaining the structural characteristics of this technique, its use in basketry, architecture, tapestry and rug weaving, etc., as well as in some contemporary applications. Students will set up their own warps according to one of the three possible types of warping, and practise variations of the technique, by changing the direction of the twists and alternating two weft colors. There will also be some experimenting with related techniques such as taaniko, and the use of wefts of different thicknesses.