courses  25 - How to analyze textile structures with special reference to wrappings, cords and braids (theoretical and practical workshop)

This workshop is aimed at weavers and textile designers

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Duration of workshop: 15-18 hours
For groups of at three

Overview: The methodology introduced in this course is not only applicable to the structures under exame but also to any further research in the field of textiles. Preliminary to the study of a textile structure is the definition of its elements: one element (knitting, needle lace), one set of vertical elements (macrame, braids), one set of vertical elements and one of horizontal elements (weaving, plaited mats), two sets of vertical elements and two of horizontal elements (double weaves), etc. Wrappings, cords and braids are a part of a large number of ancient weaving techniques traditionally applied to ethnic textiles, which can be successfully used in modern textiles and textile art objects.

Program: After the theoretical introduction on methodology students will experiment a technique of their choice focusing on the relations between materials, tools and production times. On the basis of their samples they will be able to plan a further set of samples in view of a finished object.