Textile structures  Distrazione lombarda (Lombard Distraction), 1971

Shown at the 5ème Biennale Internationale de la Tapisserie, Lausanne, Switzerland

255 x 40 x 490 cm
Wool and perspex
Double weave open either sideways or in depth

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When this double-weave structure is hung, the two planes forming it, either woven or just plain warps, are free to advance or retreat, or shift left and right. The effect is enhanced by the use of different colors for both planes. Back in the 1970s I was living in two small rooms with very low ceilings, and when I was invited to take part in the Lausanne Biennale I cherished the idea of using the full height available in one of their big rooms. Forty years on, I’m still thrilled when I unfold the five little bundles that contain Distrazione lombarda.