Textile structures  Ciao Josef, 2017

Shown at The King and I exhibition, Shanghai Gallery of Art and Shanghai Village, Shanghai

20 x 20 x 5 cm
Alcantara® on a black satinated PMMA support
Manual interweaving

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<i>Ciao Josef</i>, 2017 (photo: Alcantara®)
<i>Ciao Josef</i>, 2017
<i>Ciao Josef</i>, 2017 (photo: Zhou Zihan)
<i>Ciao Josef</i>, 2017 (photo: Zhou Zihan)
<i>Ciao Josef</i>, 2017 (photo: Zhou Zihan)

The eight Ciao Josef are meant as a homage to one of the great artists that have inspired me, Josef Albers, with his brick walls. If I had called them “Ciao Albers” those who know me and my work would have thought of his wife Anni, but this time I did have him in mind and his protruding and receding shapes with the shadows and reflections they create, and how they could be reborn in a different material. The funny thing is that on reading “Josef” and looking at the material some people thought of another famous Joseph. Infinite are the ways of weaving, and the play goes on.