Textile design  Penelope’s Web (La tela di Penelope), with Paola Bonfante and Lalla Ranza, 1976

for Ugo La Pietra, Roberto Beretta and Antonio Macchi Cassia
Thick cotton cord
Taut, knotted threads for the canopies, knitting in garter stitch for the bedspread

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We have rarely worked on designs by other people, but this one and the next ones are three collaborations we had with architects. Ugo La Pietra, Roberto Beretta and Antonio Macchi Cassia showed us their project for a bed with a double sliding canopy and asked us to realize it. My immediate idea was of one long thread running from one end to the other and tied with a double lark’s head knot as in my  Schermo C . The architects liked the idea, the big bed was transferred to my studio and it became the center of this ballet of knots. Lalla Ranza knitted the same yarn using two thick sticks which were so haeavy that they were placed on director’s chairs. At each row change, instead of turning the knitting, she changed position herself. Standing under that double sliding roof, once the project as finished, was truly magical and it was difficult to tear ourselves away from it.