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TEXTILE STRUCTURES / Telai umani (Human Looms) / 1977-1980

Up to 12 m
3-to-99-year-old humans, various yarns
Plain weave and other techniques


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  I got the idea of a human loom from the description someone gave me of a pair of embalmed and shrunk hands next to an embalmed and shrunk head held in an museum of anthropology. Both hands had long threads tied round each finger.

I chose to give a personal interpretation of the finding:
- One-person human loom: the shuttle is operated by a prehensile foot.
- Two-people human loom: simpler and much more fun.
- Group human loom: even more fun.
- Italian tricolor human loom, in front of the Fiorenzuola di Focara Town Hall, during the opening of the “Operatori Tessili” exhibition.