courses  17 - Beginners’ rug-weaving on a two-shaft loom or a rigid-heddle loom

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Duration of course: 30 hours

Overview: With just two shafts you can quickly weave beautiful rugs in various techniques. This course will explore the faster and more effective ones, as well as the slower ones which however allow for striking relief effects. These rugs can be woven either on a two-shaft loom or on a rigid-heddle loom using a wooden weaving sword.

Program: dressing the loom with the right warp tension for rug weaving; weaving a heading that will provide a handsome finish; weaving a sampler in regular and irregular two-coloured repp weaves (the latter, however, is not for the rigid-heddle loom); experimenting with the kilim, soumak and twining techniques.

Students will learn how to demostrate to customers the final look of rugs made up of two or more pieces using different types of photo patching.