courses  18 - Advanced courses of rug-weaving on four and eight shafts

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Duration of each course: 30 hours

Overview: We will survey several rug-weaving techniques, threadings and color-and-weave effects that can be woven on four and eight shafts, and choose one of them for in-depth study and practice. On four shafts you can weave juxtaposed contrasting areas of positive-and-negative irregular repp, as well as, on a straight draw and with a special sett, two-faced fabrics or diagonal fabrics with striking color effects. This course aims at not only giving practical instruction, but also at teaching a working method for the creative craftsman, that is an understanding of the relationship between a sample and the final project, by showing how a design grows from drafting, sampling and playing with photographic sections of samples.

Program: Weaving will be done on four- or eight-shaft table looms or floor looms. After choosing one technique for in-depth study students will dress their looms and practice. They will also be encouraged to swap looms to try out different techniques.