Textile design  Cravatte (Neckties), 2002

Cotton cable
Warp-faced repp

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These ties are very similar to the woolen ones I wove forty-four years earlier, in 1958, at the beginning of my weaving career! Functional objects can be safely repeated even decades later. In the warp-faced repp a very dense warp hides the weft, and the alternating warp colors create different patterns. Weaving without the reed, as is normally done in primitive looms, makes it possible to tighten the weft for the narrower segment of tie that goes round the collar. I went back to this old project following a request from some old customers. I chose six patterns, each in different colorways. For each colorway I wove only two neckties, a and b, and on the packaging I jokingly invited customers to search for the matching tie.