Textile structures

I weave on the loom or manually create three-dimensional textile structures which relate in tension or balance to the space into which they float. They grow out of the contrast and combination of weaves, materials, colors and surfaces, and exploit to the full, occasionally verging on the playful, the constructive and expressive resources of the medium. The following gallery is both an archive of my long activity as a weaver and a reflection upon the potential of my chosen medium of expression. Each fact, whether concrete, personal, philosophical or relational, has multiple aspects, and just as I find it natural to ask myself, "What else can I see, think or feel in life?”, so I also ask myself, “What else can I express with a given technique, textile or otherwise?” Shopping lists and poetry are both made of words; "l" is the first letter of love, lemon and loath; jute sacks, woollen blankets and textile sculptures can be made with the same weave and using the same materials available in our physical, emotional and intellectual world. A scoubidou string, a braid, a series of knots, a wrapping made with strips of a flexible, semi-rigid material can spontaneously take up vegetable or animal forms, and spur to further research. Two intersecting planes can be the reminder of a relationship between two people or two events. And so on. That’s why in the enlargements of these photos you will find information on the sometimes surprisingly simple techniques I have used.