Textile design  Kleeiadi 1 and 2, with Paola Bonfante and Lalla Ranza, 1993

for Roberto Sambonet

200 x 200 cm
Mixed materials and techniques

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Kleeiade 1 watercolor
Kleeiade 1
Kleeiade 1 detail
Kleeiade 2 watercolor
Kleeiade 2
Kleeiade 2 detail

We were very happy to collaborate with Roberto Sambonet because he left us full interpretative freedom. He showed us four watercolors (25 x 25 cm) inspired by Klee, which were to be the cartons for four large tapestries for the Costa Romantica holiday cruiser designed by Gregotti e Associati. He immediately agreed with our proposal to use very different non-traditional techniques and left us totally free to chose them. Our choice was guided by our wish to respect as much as possible the interplay of rich, mellow and transparent colors in the four watercolours, which were very different from one another. In the same spirit we choose the yarns (wool, silk, linen and cotton) and decided how to mix them. Sambonet came back only when the tapestries were ready. We loved them but were rather nervous about his reaction, but he loved them too. And I do think those tapestries tapestries are not mere transcriptions, but genuine, autonomous “textile artefacts”.